Millerntorstadion, FC St. Pauli Hamburg, 09. & 10. Oktober 2021

We are a I am Sai Jog- an individual with passion for everything natural- nature makes me happy. Having grown up in India, a country with a rich legacy of herbal, Ayurvedic products, I have always been far more conscious about making "natural" choices when it comes to self-care. Another thing that I am equally passionate about is contributing to the society I live in, in a meaningful way, for I strongly believe that the purpose of life is not to be happy but to be useful and compassionate.

Aura is the marriage of my love for nature and my urge to be useful to people around me.

handmade liquid and bar soaps

made out of pure high quality oils

Facial Bombs

Made out of high quality oils, butters, gold, Fuller earth and many more natural ingredients

Aura Candles & Soaps

Kälberweide 10
21147 Hamburg